Tröllafoss (Tröll waterfall) at the Grimsá river is one of these absolutely forgotten waterfalls of Iceland. But thanks to its surrounding and nice walking path leading to it, it may become one of these private pearls of the day in Iceland.

How to Find Tröllafoss:

There are two possible options on how to get to Tröllafoss.
The first is to park your car close to this crossroads (GPS: 64.197489, -21.551507) and then you just follow the way until you reach the Tröllafoss waterfall, which is then close to this road. If you come from this side of the river, you´ll get just and only partial views of the waterfall. Therefore you might consider the second option.

The other option is to park somewhere near to Hrafnhólar farm (GPS: 64.206926, -21.566052) and continue along the river (against the stream) on its right bank. Here you have two options. The first is to follow the stream as long as it is possible. There are two really difficult places to consider. The first requires you to climb approx. 5 meters on rope and then, when the pathway really ends you have to climb approx. 50 meters of really steep hill. Taking this way, you´ll see an another waterfall and experience some beautiful views of the nature. But you have to be really fit and confident hiker if you want to take that way. 

If you are easy going and just an occassional hiker, once you see the terrain elevation (somewhere here GPS: 64.209085, -21.546069), just go up this way. It is easy hike and you don´t have to handle with any rope climbing or steep rock-hill climbing. And you´ll get safely to the waterfall.
GPS coordinates of the Tröllafoss Waterfall: 64.210497, -21.536468 Take me there!

Photos of the Tröllafoss waterfall:

The Tröllafoss falls
The Tröllafoss falls
The Tröllafoss falls
The Tröllafoss falls
enjoying the Tröllafoss falls
The Tröllafoss falls
The Tröllafoss falls
The Tröllafoss falls – the starting point
The Tröllafoss falls – first a bit uncomfortable part of the way
a no name waterfall on your way to the Tröllafoss falls
The Tröllafoss falls – just climb the 5 meters up
The Tröllafoss falls
The Tröllafoss falls
The Tröllafoss falls – when the passable part ends
The Tröllafoss falls – a bit of rock climbing is needed this way

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