Sjávarfoss (Hvalfjörður)

Sjávarfoss – a nice waterfall along the road around the Hvalfjörður fjord. Thanks to a nice area around, it is a good place to stop and have some (picnic) rest.


How to Find Sjávarfoss

You can find it along the road nr. 47 – Hvalfjarðarvegur. There is a parking lot really nearby (GPS: 64.353062, -21.454699)

GPS coordinates of the Sjávarfoss waterfall: 64.352068, -21.452222 Take me there!

Photos of the Sjávarfoss waterfall:

Sjávarfoss waterfall (Hvalfjörður)
Sjávarfoss waterfall (Hvalfjörður)
Sjávarfoss waterfall (Hvalfjörður)

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