Sigöldufoss (a.k.a. Hrauneyjafoss) is a victim of technical changes in Iceland. It used to be a part of mighty glacial river and therefore even the Sigöldufoss waterfall itself was rough, after the hydroenergy powerplant on the river Tungná has been built, it is rather calm nowdays. 

If you are already here (maybe on your way to or from Landmannalaugar) do not miss ‘Sigöldugljúfur – valley of tears.

How to find Sigöldufoss:

Sigöldufoss is situated where the road road nr. 208 turns into F208.
GPS coordinates of the Sigöldufoss waterfall: 64.170291, -19.131109 Take me there!

Sigöldufoss waterfall photos:

Sigöldufossfoto: Ruben Lang

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