Seal lookout at Litlibaer – Westfjords

Here, you can observe Seals, cute marine mammals. Worth making a stop.

How to Find Seal lookout at Litlibaer – Westfjords:

This spot is located approx. 70 kilometers (45 miles) east of Ísafjörður. Right at the place there is just a small parking lot. Jusst few kilometers (miles) away is bigger parking lot with toilets.
GPS coordinates of Seal lookout at Litlibaer – Westfjords: 65.995274, -22.815151 Take me there!

Photos of the Seals from the lookout at Litlibaer – Westfjords:

Seals westfjordsfoto: Ruben Lang

Sea lions lookout at Litlibaer – Westfjords – video:


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