Saxhóll is a volcanic crater on Snæfellsnes peninsula. You can climb on its edge and look into a former volcano. If you are a fan of being on top of the volcano, you have another chance – on Eldborg

How to find Saxhóll:

Saxhóll is situate close the road nr. 574 almost at the end of the Snæfellsnes peninsula.
GPS coordinates of Saxhóll: 64.851410, -23.927078 Take me there!

Saxhóll crater photos:

Saxhollfoto: Ruben Lang
Saxhóll volcanic crater – a birds eye viewfoto: Ruben Lang
Saxhóllfoto: Ruben Lang
Saxhóllfoto: Ruben Lang
into the Saxhóll craterfoto: Ruben Lang
Saxhóllfoto: Ruben Lang
Saxhóll – arrivalfoto: Ruben Lang


Saxhóll crater video:

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