Reynisfjara black beach is definitely the most famous beach here in Iceland, people flock here in thousands a day, but usually don´t come here to sunbath or swim in the Atlantic (which is actually life threatening and the ocean already took several lives so never turn your back to the water and never go close to the water). People rather admire the natural beauty of the place. The beach itself is about 6 kilometers long and it can take you from the Reynisdrangar rocks along the Hálsanershellir cave almost to Dyrhólaey.


How to find Reynisfjara black beach:

Turn of the Ring Road and take the road nr. 254 for about 6 kilometers. Follow the road until the end, where you can par on this parking lot. From there, the beach is just dozens of meters away.
GPS coordinates of  Reynisfjara black beach: 63.403491, -19.046828 Take me there!


Photos of the Reynisfjara black beach:

Reynisfjara black beach in winter colors
Reynisfjara black beach ane the Hálsanefshellir cave
Reynisfjara black beach
parking lot near the Reynisfjara black beach
Information boards on the way to the Reynisfjara black beach
Reynisfjara black beach covered by snow
Icelandic horse you can see on the way to the Reynisfjara black beach
Reynisfjara black beach and Reynisdrangar rocks


Video of the Reynisfjara black beach:

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