Reynisdrangar are basalt sea stack in the south Iceland stocked up to 60 meters from the sea making the famous Reynisfjara black beach even more beautiful.

How to find Reynisdrangar:

Reynisdrangar rocks are situated under the mountain Reynisfjall and are adjacent to Reynisfjara black beach. You can see them from the Víkurfjara beach as well. Skaliska Reynisdrangar se nacházejí v těsné blízkosti pláže Reynisfjara, vidět je můžete také z pláže Víkurfjara.
GPS coordinates of the Reynisdrangar stacks: 63.399627, -19.032251 Take me there!

Reynisdrangar sea stacks photos:

Reynisdrangar – basalt sea stacks
Reynisdrangar – basalt sea stacks

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