KEF – Keflavík International Airport

Keflavík international airport is the entrance point to Iceland for 95% of people coming to Iceland. In Iceland, alcohol is quite pricey, but if you want to drink something here, you can buy some bottles in the arrival hall.

How to Find KEF – Keflavík international airport:

Keflavík international airport is located on the north western part of the Reykjanes peninsula approx. 50 kilometers (35 miles) west of Reykjavík. 

GPS coordinates of the KEF – Keflavík international airport: 63.996874, -22.622567 Take me there!


TIP: if you are about to come to Iceland and you know, you´d like to have some beer, wine or vodka/rhum, do not hesitate to buy such stuff within the arrival terminal. Later, it might cost a fortune!

How to get to Reykjavík:

By bus:

By Flybus:


Uber: – sorry, no Uber in Iceland (and no Mc Donald´s in Iceland neither)


Photos of the KEF – Keflavík international airport:



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