Nice cliff at the very western end of the Reykjanes peninsula. Here, during the breeding season, you can find countless of birds of all kinds. It is a calm paradise close to the Keflavík international Airport.

How to get to Hafnaberg cliff:

Hafnaberg cliff is located at the very end of Reykjanes. You can park your car on road nr. 425 – Nesvegur here (GPS: 63.883880, -22.691671) and continue on walk direction Atlantic Ocean. It takes about half an hour to go there.
GPS coordinates of the Hafnaberg cliff: 63.882929, -22.739194 Take me there!

Hafnaberg cliff photos:

Hafnaberg cliff foto: Ruben Lang
Hafnaberg cliff foto: Ruben Lang
pathway to Hafnaberg cliff foto: Ruben Lang
pathway to the Hafnaberg clofffoto: Ruben Lang
Hafnaberg cliff information boardfoto: Ruben Lang

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