Two craters next to each other and you can be part of them!

How to find the Grábrók crater:

Grábrók is situated next to the Ring Road (so you cannot miss it) in the western part of Iceland. There is a signed pathway from the parking lot  (GPS: 64.771398, -21.531437).
GPS coordinates of the Grábrók crater: 64.770930, -21.537519 Take me there!

Grábrók crater photos:

Grábrók crater photosfoto: Ruben Lang
A view from the Grábrók craterfoto: Ruben Lang
Stairway to Grábrókfoto: Ruben Lang
Grábrók – the way upfoto: Ruben Lang
Grábrók – that way!foto: Ruben Lang
Grábrók crater info boardfoto: Ruben Lang
Grábrók craterfoto: Ruben Lang
 Grábrók volcanic craterfoto: Ruben Lang

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