Elephant head

Elephant rock on Heimaey by sunset

One of the most famous rock formations in Iceland, that is Elephant head on Heimaey island – Vestmannaeyjar. Many photographers are lured here to Heimaey island just to find and shot this elephant head shaped rock. In the late evening, the sky behind can make a beautiful colored background.

How to Find Elephant head on Vestmannaeyjar:

You can find and see this rock formation on the foot of the Blátindur mountain, easily from the golf course.
GPS coordinates of Elephant head on Vestmannaeyjar achipelago – Heimaey island: 63.439212, -20.306708 Take me there!

Photos of the Elephant head on Heimaey island:

Elephant rock on Heimaey by sunsetfoto: Ruben Lang
Elephant rock on the foot of the Blátindurfoto: Ruben Lang
Blítindur and the Elephant rockfoto: Ruben Lang
Elephant rock on Heimaey afternoon shotfoto: Ruben Lang


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